Schonstedt Magnetic Locators GA-52Cx

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Best Buy Schonstedt Magnetic Locators GA-52Cx

Schonstedt Magnetic Locators GA-52Cx

Product Description
Magnetic Locators GA-52Cx, Other features: high performance components, weights approximately 2 1/2 lbs, weather protected controls, rugged lightweight case, patented HeliFlux sensors, Y2K Compliant, both the GA-52Cx and the GA-72Cd are standard with a custom case designed to withstand the rigors of field use. Specifications: input power two alkaline 9-volt batteries, battery life 40 hours (intermittent usage), output approximately 40 Hz audio tone on speaker, tone frequency increases or decreases with gradient-field intensity, weight approximately 2. 5lb (1. 13 kg), operating Temp -13 degrees to 140 degrees F (-25 degrees to 60 degreesC), overall Length 42. 3 in. (107. 4 cm), waterproof length 34. 5 in. (87. 6 cm), nominal sensor spacing 20 in (50. 8 cm), construction modular. The GA-52Cx and GA-72Cd Locators detect the magnetic field of iron and steel objects and energized power lines. Both provide audio detection signals that peak in frequency when the locator's tip is held directly over the target. The GA-72Cd has the option of nulling or peaking. Quality Is Our Hallmark Schonstedt's underground magnetic locators have been setting the standards for reliability and dependability for over 30 years, they are designed to withstand the rigors of daily on-site usage and a wide range of environmental conditions. In fact, the Model GA-52Cx is so rugged and dependable it's backed by a 5-year warranty, designed for one-hand operations, the On/Off-Sensitivity and Volume controls are located on the underside of the cover on both locators, this provides easy access, protects the knobs and contributes to their overall ruggedness and dependability. Signal Strength and Polarity Indications. The GA-72Cd's audio signal and the 3-digit LCD readout will peak, and the (+) or (-) bar graph will expand to full scale when its tip is directly over a vertical iron pipe. One end of a horizontal target will be (+) and the other will be (-).

  • Features: five year warranty, enhanced target definition, unsurpassed detection range, piezoelectric
  • speaker, clear, sharp, detection signal pinpoints the target, five individual sensitivity settings,
  • no response to aluminum, brass, or copper, ease of operation reduces search time, with experience,
  • user can distinguish between small pieces of scrap iron and actual targets, 40-hours operation
  • (intermittent usage) on two economical 9-volt batteries, modular construction, high performance

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